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It's almost 4am. The presentation is over. It's time to vote, but first some administration of the committee bi-laws will be necessary.
We're back at the midnight meeting. The break is over and the the second half of the briefing is about to begin. The Household Domains Committee is…
One night before the HDC meeting, Yunipter visited Sam Woodhouse to interview him on-the-record.
The Household Domains Committee just took a break from the briefing. Sam Woodhouse and Steve Robertson have a chat.
Fixing stuff and finishing up... the rest of Chapter Two is on the way!
We continue Chapter Two with the midnight meeting. The five families and the city council are ready, the briefing is about to start.
[Section 2.1] Here begins the next chapter of Nova Interitus. We're going back 17 years before the Great Event.
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